Built For BlackBerry Success Story: How ClipMan went from rejected to accepted!

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Want to know what it takes to get your Built For BlackBerry application accepted? Today, you’ll find out how one developer took his rejected Built For BlackBerry app and improved it to get accepted into the program!

Helex, a BlackBerry 10 developer, submitted his application – one that was originally rejected because it was missing some key criteria – for the Built For BlackBerry program. His application was ClipMan – according to Helex, it’s “a small clipboard manager. That’s it. It watches for changes in the Clipboard while opened and stores every text that appears in a small database. Such a clipboard history can be very handy while texting.”


ClipMan was a well-built and useful application; however, as per the Built For BlackBerry guidelines, it did not meet the criteria as it stood. In Helex’s words: “This single useful aspect is not enough for the Built for BlackBerry certificate. I tried, trust me. You will get: ‘basically only a single core function’.” In order to qualify for the Built For BlackBerry program, Helex had to update various aspects of his app to get approved.

Here’s a quick snapshot at some of the updates to the original version of the app that made ClipMan Built For BlackBerry certified:

  1. Have a clear, functional design from the start. “The old version was for me, as the developer of the app, clear and understandable. The color was indicative enough, and all features worked. But as I learned in a session about good design in Amsterdam, the application should work for everyone, including color-blind people. Those user groups had an obvious handicap at the old version of ClipMan.”
  2. Share app details. “The old version was very rudimentary. The new version is clear in the beginning and more detailed in the long text.”
  3. Provide a context menu. “It was not really needed since in the old version, every function was available by simply opening an item. But if I understadd the design guidelines correctly, every List View should have a context Menu. The user expects this behavior.”
  4. Make it easily searchable. “I added a search function to the list. Personally, I have the list only filled with the stuff I’m currently using, but others may use this application in a different way. So, a search function was needed.”
  5. Integrate to BlackBerry 10. “Built for BlackBerry means built especially for BlackBerry 10, and so the application should integrate itself in every aspect into the BlackBerry 10 system. I would say now that we’ve got the BlackBerry 10 flow.”
  6. Make sure that it is shareable. “Since the share functionality was a selection criterion at the BFB checklist, ClipMan had a share button even at the first version.”
  7. Create a positive store experience. “I had two versions of ClipMan in the store: a free version, and a paid version. Sadly, this is also a bad design. I got this explained at several places so I guess it played a role in it being rejected: ‘Bad store experience.’”
  8. Make sure to check for bugs. “My app was unable to handle different text encoding correctly. I found the bug, and it is now able to store and handle Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese and many other character encoding.”

To read Helex’s full explanation (with screenshots) of how he got ClipMan accepted for the Built For BlackBerry program, click here.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can also build an app that is Built for BlackBerry certified. We’re here to help you achieve it, so please contact us if you have questions about your app. We want you to Build for BlackBerry!

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