Being Social with Cascades


We’ve already learned that YOU ARE AWESOME and your family and friends need to be kept constantly up-to-date on all your amazing adventures. With our new socialinvocation sample we show you how you can share your content using Cascades in your BlackBerry 10 apps.

The socialinvocation sample shows you how to invoke Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with all the currently supported invocation parameters. You can set your Facebook status, compose a Tweet, upload a picture, invoke a Facebook page or Twitter profile, and much more!

social-invoke social-invoke-2

Besides being an avenue for seeing cute pictures of your high school friends’ kids, social media plays an important role in marketing your apps. Use the invocation framework features to direct users to your company’s Facebook page, display your Twitter feed, or allow users to post screenshots of your app! Effectively employing social media is a great way to attract new users, so be sure to take advantage of the invocation framework’s support of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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