The Built for BlackBerry Appeals Process


Based on your feedback on our Built for BlackBerry program, we are introducing a new process into the program. We are allowing vendors a one-time per application appeal to the Built for BlackBerry vetting decision. This new process is part of our on-going dedication to serving the developer community and is designed to address any concerns regarding the implementation of the Built for BlackBerry criteria into certain high-quality applications.

What’s the Difference Between Appeal and Re-Submit?

Currently, you have the ability to re-submit your application if does not pass Built for BlackBerry. So when should you consider re-submitting your app versus using your one appeal? Only use the Built for BlackBerry Appeals process If you have received a Built for BlackBerry rejection and you believe the current version of your app is Built for BlackBerry worthy. For example, if you have submitted a “single-function” app of significant quality to be reconsidered as part of the Built for BlackBerry program, you may want to appeal. However, you may only appeal one time.

However, if you have received a Built for BlackBerry rejection and have made changes to the application to better align with the criteria necessary to be designated as Built for BlackBerry, then you should re-submit the application since you can have up to three attempts for a positive vetting decision.

Bottom line: if you rework the application, you re-submit. If you think the application should be reconsidered as is, then use your one appeal.

How to Appeal

If you choose not to make any changes to your application and want to enter into the one-time appeal process:

  1. Go to the Built for BlackBerry website.
  2. Click on Appeals
  3. Complete the Built for BlackBerry Appeals Wizard.


Your appeal will be sent to the Built for BlackBerry Appeals Team where the special panel of Built for BlackBerry Appeals Experts will vet the appeal and record their decision. You will be notified of the decision by the Built for BlackBerry Appeals Team. The decision of the Built for BlackBerry Appeals Team is final.

We’re adjusting the Built for BlackBerry program to include an appeals process, to both respond to requests from you, our developer community, while remaining committed to the goal of Built for BlackBerry: to recognize high-quality applications that showcase the power of the new BlackBerry 10 platform. Thank you for your interest in the Built for BlackBerry program and your feedback. Keep those posts and tweets coming!

About Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson – Senior BlackBerry Developer Evangelist – Tom started his career in 1986 with Microsoft Corporation where he was a Program Manager on such products as Windows 3.11, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, and Internet Explorer. He was also the creator of the Windows Resource Kit which began that product line. In addition, Tom presented at many trade shows and gave technical presentations with the Microsoft Executive Staff. He left Microsoft in 1995 to form Three Points Consulting with Marianne Reid Anderson and Bob Taniguchi. Three Points focused on bringing the power of the emerging internet technology to everyday life. Tom’s innovative technology solutions played a key role in the successful acquisition of Three Points by TechRx. At TechRx, he acted in the role of CTO until it was acquired by NDC Health of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2004, Tom decided to become a High School Teacher as his primary method of giving back to the community. In 2005 he joined the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (PA CYBER) where he was awarded the Keystone Award for Innovative Use of Technology in the Class Room. During this time, he also earned a Master’s degree in Software Design through Capella University. In 2009, in addition to teaching, Tom returned to software development creating various web and mobile applications.

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