BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas, Together At Last



We’re just two months away from BlackBerry Live 2013 and we’re psyched that BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas are combining like the Wonder Twins to bring you the biggest BlackBerry event ever.  I’ve had the privilege to attend BlackBerry Live (well, BlackBerry World, and before that WES) in the past – and it has always been amazing for me to meet our carrier, retailer, and enterprise partners and see how they work with BlackBerry. With the addition of you, our developer community, the circle is complete.

Today, we’re sharing the first group of sessions for BlackBerry Jam Americas at BlackBerry Live. The BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 will both be available in multiple markets around the globe – and we’ve tailored the content to help you make the most out of your development investment in BlackBerry 10 and continue to show you our commitment of being the leader in mobile computing.

View the developer conference session catalog. Here’s a quick sample –

JAM03 – Built for BlackBerry: Performance tuning for Cascades Applications
One of the key criteria for Built for BlackBerry recognition is performance. An application must be smooth in function, fast in response, and display little or no lag time. In this session, we’ll focus on tuning your Cascades application to get the best possible performance. We’ll look at the 10 most common performance mistakes and how to avoid them.

JAM08 – Built for BlackBerry: How to Go from Rejected to Approved
Built for BlackBerry is a set of criteria that identify applications that are taking full advantage of the BlackBerry 10 system and providing the user an enhanced productivity or entertainment experience. Not all applications or games that are submitted to Built for BlackBerry receive approval. Currently, only 10% of the applications that are submitted make the grade. In this session, we’ll look at real world examples of applications or games that initially fell short for Built for BlackBerry approval but with some changes and additions, made it over the bar.

JAM05 – Built for BlackBerry: System Integration with Payment Services
To qualify for Built for BlackBerry, your application must integrate with a BlackBerry 10 service. In today’s application and game market, one of the common monetization strategies is to provide the core application or game for free then allow items the user can purchase within the application or game. BlackBerry 10 offers Payment Services to enable in app purchases. In this session, we’ll look at an overview of Payment Services integration and work through examples for both WebWorks and Cascades.

More sessions will be added over the next few weeks – so now is the time to register for BlackBerry Live 2013. Head on over to the site and see the options today!

Register by March 22 to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate and gain access to all the valuable content the conference has to offer. Plus, if you attended a BlackBerry conference in the past year, you could save an additional $150 USD with the Alumni Discount.

Hurry, the Early Bird Offer ends March 22, 2013.

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