BlackBerry GotGame Port-a-thon LIVE Asia Pacific


Special guest post from Pratik and Ram – Ed.

We love working with developers from all around the world and especially if they make cool games that we can play on our new BlackBerry 10 devices! Right after BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012, we had an amazing opportunity to work with incredibly talented game developers from the Asia Pacific Region. To give you an idea on the amount of travelling it took: 16 days, 8 cities, 39800 miles per head!  The best part was we found 260 happy game developers at the end of the trip.  The GotGame Port-a-thon event comprised of locations spanning six Asia Pacific countries including Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and China.  During these intense one-day events, we got a chance to work with some amazing talent from the gaming industry.  As a result, almost 800 high quality game titles were submitted over a span of just three weeks!

We would like to give a BIG Thank you to all the game developers who participated in these events and made GotGame Port-a-thon LIVE a huge success!

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