BlackBerry 10 OLED Control Coloring Update

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With the release of the Gold BlackBerry 10.1 SDK, we wanted to touch base on some of the updates when it comes to OLED displays.  For one, the default theme for an OLED BlackBerry 10 device display is the dark theme which reduces burn-in and also reduces power consumption.

There will also be additional color improvements built into the Cascades and Adobe AIR BlackBerry 10 standard controls to ensure that if your app is using standard controls, they will provide the best experience when it comes to both burn-in and power consumption for the user on the BlackBerry 10 gold build that will go to end users.  These are simply slight tweaks on the shades of colors used on the core controls.

Below you’ll see the changes that will be applied to the core controls in Cascades and Adobe AIR for the launch of the BlackBerry Q10.

Light Theme Changes


Dark Theme Changes


We are also working on a CSS media query for detecting an OLED device for HTML5 developers and will have more information on that topic once we have solidified the final syntax.

For ActionScript development you are able to turn on the default OLED coloring changes by setting your application’s global theming attribute in ActionScript.  Otherwise it will continue to use the LCD coloring in your app.  This ActionScript functionality was put in place because the default screen background colorization isn’t controlled in the same manner as it is in Cascades and could have had impact on coloring in your application if you used the core BlackBerry 10 controls in your Adobe AIR application.

ThemeGlobals.useOled = true;

These small shading changes make a big difference on overall device experience and we look forward to seeing your apps on the BlackBerry Q10!

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