Qt porting guide: a reference to help you bring your Qt apps to BlackBerry 10


Guest post from Kizito – Ed.


Qt developers often ask the following questions: Is there a porting guide to help me port my Qt apps to BlackBerry 10? What about porting Qt Quick to BlackBerry 10? How do I configure Qt Creator for BlackBerry 10?

The good news has arrived: you now have a porting guide covering the most commonly-encountered use cases. This guide provides the necessary information to developers of native mobile apps who fall in one of the following categories:

  • Developers who have Qt apps written in C/C++/ QML/JavaScript and intend to have their apps running on the BlackBerry 10 platform;
  • Developers who want to write new Qt C++, QML and/or JavaScript code for the BlackBerry 10 platform;
  • And finally, developers who want to take advantage of the Cascades UI framework and change their existing UI to the Cascades framework.

BlackBerry supports developers in all of the above described scenarios, and so this guide provides developers with best practices for each category. It also explains why a particular practice is considered the best one.

Please check the full Qt porting guide at:


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