Carrier Availability for the BlackBerry 10 Limited Edition



Many developers have already submitted their requests for the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device. We’ve started sending out confirmation emails to those that have qualified for the device.  Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we are unable to offer a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 for developers on the Verizon network.

Some developers have indicated that they are very loyal Verizon customers and would only like the device on their preferred network. So for these developers, we will offer them a choice. In lieu of the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device, developers on Verizon can instead:

  1. Request a Verizon BlackBerry 10 device to replace their BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, adhering to the same terms and conditions of the Limited Edition device in order to qualify. This will be a final commercial device and will ship when BlackBerry 10 is commercially available on Verizon.
  2. Request a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device from an alternate carrier, one which is supported as a part of the Limited Edition program.

For those developers who have already requested their Limited Edition device on Verizon, email communication will follow in the coming days requesting your preferred selection.  For those who have not yet requested their Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device, but wish to pursue option 1, updated instructions on procedure will be made available as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or discuss with your favorite Developer Relations team member should you have any thoughts on the matter or feedback you’d like to share.

Also – if you want to request more information on the BlackBerry Z10 on Verizon – head on over head and register!

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