BlackBerry Jam Sessions Hackathon – Mexico City, Mexico


Guest post from BlackBerry Developer Evangelist Edgar Parada – Ed.

Near the end of 2012, the BlackBerry Jam Sessions were held for developers around Latin America. There was plenty of intensity and a lot of knowledge to be absorbed by all of the participants. For these events, we gathered different experts from all over the region to take part as competitors, mentors and jury members promoting the development of the BlackBerry 10 platform.

The last of the 2012 BlackBerry Jam Sessions took place in Mexico City. We broke all attendance records with more than 150 developers gathering to share their passion for BlackBerry 10!

Check out the highlight video below:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Winner – Best Red Bull App

Awarded to: Red Bull Mini Games

Different mini games for your BlackBerry 10 – it is worth noting the level of completeness the developers achieved for an event that only lasted one day.

Winner – Best Game

Awarded to: A volar con Red Bull

A very addictive action game which uses the accelerometer to control the main character to advance across different levels – flying with a little help from Red Bull.

Winner – Best e-Commerce App

Awarded to: BB10 Tax Call

A very practical app, developed to help you organize taxes from your mobile device.

Winner – Best Hackathon App

Awarded to: Bits Destroy

The winners of the event were Bits Destroy team, very young enthusiasts of BlackBerry 10 that developed a game in HTML5. The game had an outstanding performance despite the lack of a JS framework.

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