Realtime Mobile App Analytics Is Now Available For BlackBerry 10


Last year, in December, during the BlackBerry Jam we ran in Istanbul thanks to the support of the local BlackBerry team, I had the pleasure of meeting with Görkem Çetin, founder of, a mobile app analytics platform. Görkem is pretty popular in the Open Source community in Turkey and I was very happy he decided to attend our event.

What’s It is a real-time mobile analytics platform that shows information by using eye-catching visual elements. Görkem provided me with a test account and after logging in, I was very impressed by what I saw. The UI is gorgeus and the amount of useful and critical information a dev can get about their app is impressive.

Moreover, it’s an open-source project in which the team aims to discuss the future of in an open, democratic environment. They offer the developers the opportunity to take part in the community, to send bug reports, feature requests, to provide fixes and best practices. It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior.

Having the ability to see how your users behave is critical for the success of an app. Developers can get a clear picture on what’s working well and what’s not working, what their users like the most, what the least/most used feature is and, last but not least, how much time people spend in your app and doing what.

When we met, BlackBerry 10 was not supported yet, but they were very interested in investing in our new upcoming platform (after the conference, even more!) and for that reason, twenty days after, they finally published their first SDKs for BlackBerry 10.

What’s so special with

  • It has a dashboard
    • where you stay up to date
    • where you can easily monitor your data with graphics
    • which shows you everything at once with no need to dig in several pages
    • where you can track unlimited number of applications and switch between your apps, games and ebooks


  • It has a special user behaviour stats experience in which;
    • you can track and visualize your users’ behaviours
    • you can see your application’s in-app performance
    • you can understand your customer’s behaviour and where user left off
    • you can observe your players closely to ensure success and maximize your online game revenue
  • You can build better apps, games and ebooks;
    • by measuring and evaluating mobile app engagement as it enables optimization of mobile content
    • by exploring where a spike occurs and by personalizing and optimizing your app according to stats
    • by the help of the support that Countly offers for leading smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry)
  • You can produce electronic reports with customizable charts and tables, showing how your application performed for a given period, add / remove pages through report generator.

Also, is free. You can install in-app analytics tool on your server to track unlimited number of mobile applications, if you want.

Here is what Onu Alp, Soner, co-founder of, told me:

“The best feature of is custom events: we help developers identify in-app purchase patterns, defining the best flow for payment. This is a crucial factor towards maximizing revenues in e-books and games. We are thrilled with what BlackBerry provides in their next-gen mobile OS, and decided to invest in BlackBerry 10 SDK. Being the most complete open source, real-time mobile analytics app in the world, we believe will provide a lot of value for BlackBerry 10 developers”

If you are a BlackBerry 10 developer looking for a good option for in-app analytics, is definitely a great choice. The team is also very accessible and happy to help if needed.

You can download the Countly WebWorks SDK from GitHub here, while the Cascades SDK can be download from here.

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