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Most people like to be rewarded for hard work. There are of course many ways in which people derive reward. Fame. Adoration. Legions of followers on Twitter. Free cookies. But perhaps the most prevalent and obvious is cold, hard cash.

With BlackBerry World, there are a number of ways to get money out of your investment in your BlackBerry 10 application. Today’s refresh of the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK brings support for ourPayment Service. The Payment Service allows you to implement in-app purchases, either one-time purchases or subscription-based services. Now you can choose your monetization strategy for your BlackBerry 10 WebWorks application: paid download, freemium, in-app purchases, digital goods, etc.

Check out the API reference to get started.  You will immediately notice that there are a few new additions to the API compared to previous implementations in BlackBerry WebWorks, such as cancel subscription.

While payment should be enough to get your excited on its own, we also were able to sneak in some of the final bits of the BBM Social Platform – namely support for the Profile Box.  The Profile Box is a customizable box for your app that appears in the current user’s BBM profile. You can use it to broadcast achievements or provide updates. The box contains a list of items, each composed of text and an optional icon. The Profile Box API allows you to manage the items in your app’s profile box. The API reference for this new API is here.

One final item that you should be aware of is how popup windows are handled. With this release, the popup blocker is disabled by default.  This means that popups will display in the Child Browser window.  If you wish to enable the popup blocker functionality there is a new parameter that you can pass in config.xml to the “” feature.  For information, see the <param> element.

<feature id="">
  <param name="popupBlocker" value="enable" />

Be sure to download the latest SDK, and check out the Payment service to see how you can develop a richer monetization strategy for your application.

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