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Two weeks ago it was just an idea, but today it is a reality. The most popular mobile payment solution in Uruguay took advantage of the BlackBerry Developer relation’s team support to port the entire solution to BlackBerry 10 – in just 3 days. How did that happen? Easy: they arrived to the BlackBerry Innovation Center in Buenos Aires on Monday with no BlackBerry app and left on Thursday with it already submitted to BlackBerry World. Simple.

Seriously, how did that happen?

I’ll let them tell you what, how and why…

Paganza is a revolutionary application for paying family bills. The app allows scanning the barcode of the invoice and making payments through a bank account. The service was recently launched in Uruguay and within weeks was already leading the ranking of finance applications in the iPhone and Android stores.

The last week of last December, Paganza was invited to the BlackBerry Innovation Center in Buenos Aires with the aim of having its application available on the new platform before January 30th. While those were complicated dates and the term was very short, we decided to accept the challenge. The result was that in single a week we managed to migrate the application and today we have the first version of Paganza available in BlackBerry World.

Development was carried out with the native BlackBerry 10 SDK, which allowed us to easily access existing C++ libraries without compromising performance. At the same time the user interface was developed with Cascades, which gave us access to an extensive library of controls and a rapid iteration of logic in JavaScript. The application uses a C++ library of recognition of bar codes developed in-house with the support of the National Agency for research and innovation of the Uruguay (ANII). This library, unlike those used to read barcodes of books, allows to read longer bar codes such as those present in utility bills, in a very heterogeneous universe of cameras, like the ones we have in Latin America.

The company’s plan is to consolidate a case of success in Uruguay to then expand to countries in Latin America, making agreements with banks in the region, where the payment of invoices is a headache and cell phones are growing exponentially.

Marcelo Lanfranconi
CTO – Paganza

This is another success story of a startup company investing a really small amount of time and money to bring their solution to BlackBerry 10. Additionally, this is another success story of the commitment of our developer relations team and how the one-on-one support makes a huge difference. Come and join us!

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