Update on the All Aboard BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon


First, we want to thank everyone for their participation in the All Aboard BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon in December. The response has been amazing and we know that BlackBerry customers are going to be blown away by all of the incredible apps that will be available for BlackBerry 10.

A lot of you have been asking about the rewards, so we want to help answer those questions with this update. The response to All Aboard Port-A-Thon was so overwhelming that it has taken us a little longer than we anticipated to process all the information and ensure everyone is getting the correct rewards.  We sincerely apologize for the delays and confusion.

Thanks for your patience

Emails to redeem your rewards are scheduled to go out this Tuesday, January 15 to all who are eligible for the rewards.

  • Monetary reward emails will come from Milestone rimredemption@milestoneintegrated.com.
  • Device reward emails will be sent from service@tmgwebstore.com and BlackBerryPlayBookOffer@tmgideas.com.
  • Trip reward emails will be sent from HRG and/or A Thousand Words Marketing.
  • Finally, the winner of the draw for the trip and devices will come from BlackBerryDeveloperProgram@rim.com.

Please ensure you have all these emails whitelisted so they don’t end up in your spam/junk folder.

In order to thank you for your understanding while we work through the reward logistics, we are making three valuable modifications:

  1. We have extended the app submission reward eligibility window from 12:00 pm EST on December 14th to 8:00 am on December 16th. This means that if you didn’t qualify for monetary rewards originally due to the timing of your app submission, you may qualify now!
  2. We are extending the deadline for approvals of changes to apps that are eligible to January15th .
  3. As announced at the Port-A-Thon, we committed 100 additional BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing devices to those who submitted 5 or more apps during the event. Winners for this draw will also be contacted.

We hope this will help to answer all of your questions Thanks again for your ongoing support: BlackBerry 10 just wouldn’t be the same without you.

More chances for rewards

Finally, in case you haven’t heard, there are still a few Port-A-Thons to go:

There are two events happening today, January 11, 2013: the Android Port-A-Thon and Community Port-A-Thon. Both offer participants the chance to earn cash rewards and be entered into device draws.

If you have more apps that you could port to BlackBerry 10, we’d love to have you join in for the chance to earn even more rewards! Visit the links above for more information or to register.

Don’t forget to submit your app for the Built for BlackBerry Program and 10k Developer Commitment.

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