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Guest post from Morgan – Ed.

With the latest development approaches and technologies from SAP and Research In Motion, we have made cross device development easy – taking existing enterprise applications and porting them over to multiple BlackBerry devices (both past, current, and future), while all connecting into the enterprise back-end for the latest data and updates. This enables organizations to take desktop applications, and mobilize them to provide road warriors with the same up to date data, and even additional capabilities using features included on mobile devices that are not available on desktop computers – features such as GPS for example.

Watch the video below, where Jim Ing (Enterprise Mobility Architect, RIM) and Pete Graham (Director of Finance Solutions & Mobility, SAP) will take you through the approaches SAP has used to successfully develop, and port their applications across past, present, and future BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

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