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We’re getting closer to the launch date for BlackBerry 10 – and that means making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. Following up on the gold SDK release last month, this release of the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK does not add any net new functionality to our tooling and APIs but rather is a compatibility update to new device software that continue to get built.

Our SDKs (both API and tooling) remain gold as of the previous release and we have not introduced any new API or tooling changes in this release.  However, that being said, we continue to build new versions of the BlackBerry 10 device software that contain various bug fixes and stability improvements.  Our BlackBerry 10 software is being tested by over 150 carriers around the world and as they provide feedback we continue to release software incorporating this feedback.

What this means is that even though our API signatures and tooling are not changing; the underlying device software will go through a continuous improvement cycle. As an app developer you will want to upgrade to the latest software on your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing device in order to get the latest fixes as well as perform some sanity testing with your app to make sure there are no unexpected issues.  If you are trying to debug your app on the latest and greatest device release, you will likely want to pick up the latest Native SDK target OS so that you can get the right libraries and symbols for debugging on the latest version of device software that you are working with.

The good news is that you can download the the latest Native SDK target OS via the Update Manager that we provide as part of our Momentics IDE suite. If you click on Help in the menu bar, you will see an item that says ‘Update Native SDK’.


Once you click on Update Native SDK, you will see a dialog pop up that provides a list of Native SDK targets OS releases you can download. The latest Native SDK target OS as of the time of writing of this blog article is BlackBerry 10 Native SDK You should see this in the list.  Select it via the checkbox, click Next and follow the steps to download the latest Native SDK target OS.

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As we get closer to the launch date of our device and the gold release of our BlackBerry 10 device software we want to make sure that you have the latest BlackBerry 10 Native SDK target to test and debug with on your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing devices.  As we build new iterations of our OS software, we will continue to release these to you via our Update Manager so you can keep up with the most recent versions.

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