BlackBerry Jam Session Hackathon – Campinas, Brazil

Adobe AIR Development

Guest post from Zak P. – Ed.

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Winner – Best Design
Awarded to: Team Voando Baixo

With limited experience in the mobile application world, Team Voando Baixo decided to participate in the BlackBerry Jam Session Hackathon in Campinas, Brazil to learn about developing for BlackBerry smartphones, meet new people, and of course, try to win an award! The team’s app, Voando Baixo, is a flight price ranker that alerts users when prices are low, based on the user’s specified price range.

On developing with HTML5/BlackBerry WebWorks SDK…

“Working with HTML5 and the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK allowed us to leverage our existing web development experience in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This was a huge asset for us because this was our first time developing a mobile application.”

On the importance of BlackBerry 10 being an open platform…

“It’s really important that developers can draw on existing skills and experiences to develop for BlackBerry 10. This flexibility opens the door for many developers to use any number of languages to develop good mobile apps. It was surprising and stimulating for us to know that.”

On being excited about the BlackBerry 10 platform…

“Our first impression of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device was that it looked really good. It was a very fast and beautiful device. We think that there is a very promising market for BlackBerry 10 and we believe it will be really successful in the long run. If you’re an app developer, try working with the BlackBerry 10 – it is flexible and easy.”

Winner – Best Game
Awarded to: Alpaca Team

As a group of artists, programmers and designers, Alpaca Team is made up of former colleagues who develop games in their free time. With more than three years of experience in mobile app development, the team won Best Game for ‘Luke at the Stars,’ a puzzle game that was originally developed for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

On developing with the BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR…

“We already had experience developing games in Adobe ActionScript 3, so we were happy to be able to choose a tool we were familiar with. The benefits of the BlackBerry 10 SDK extend from the development to publishing. Using the SDK was easy and simple. We were able to test our game on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which allowed us to make modifications to the gameplay and interface and create a better user experience in a short amount of time. The SDK also helped us on versioning and publishing.”

On the importance of BlackBerry 10 being an open platform…

“The flexibility is really important to many developers. The popularity of languages and codes changes with time and it’s crucial to keep the platforms open to accommodate that. We’re using Adobe AIR today, but tomorrow, who knows? We might use HTML5, for instance, but maintain the ability to develop for both the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as well as BlackBerry smartphones. That’s a huge advantage for developers.”

On the benefits of participating in the Hackathon…

“The Hackathon was a fantastic experience for our team. This event demonstrated to us that we could use our experiences collaboratively to create something great. Sitting in a room with so many talented developers who were willing to share their thoughts and skills was rewarding. Our game was in a very initial stage so it was very useful to hear the general feedback from the judges. The BlackBerry crew was very supportive and willing to help. If you ever have a chance to participate in an event like this and learn about the operating systems, devices and how to implement your ideas we would strongly recommend it! Our game is set to be released in mid-January!”

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