Overwhelming Developer Response from APAC!


Guest post from Sha Sa – Ed.

Developers set a new record for last weekend’s port-a-thons, and devs from APAC definitely contributed in great leaps: More than half of the apps submitted globally were coming out of Asia! We saw great submissions from India, China and the rest of this region.

On Saturday January 12th, hundreds of developers attended the offline Technical Support sessions in eight Asian countries. The sessions included coding, porting, discussions, eating and lots of fun. But most of all, they were about providing technical support to our developers.

In Indonesia, the local Android Community showed great interest for the Android Port-A-Thon, and we can’t wait to see more apps ported after the official launch of BlackBerry 10.


The registration to the Manila offline event went so well that PinoyBBDev community had to host sessions in two different venues. The PinoyBBDev event was such a cool gathering that the developers didn’t want to leave. Photos below from the PinoyBBDev event show that activities were very well-organized with lots of great food and music!



In Beijing, our China evangelist Mike Zhou didn’t sleep the night of January 11th because there were hundreds of questions asked on Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) till morning. iiberry, a BlackBerry Developer community based in Beijing, helped to organize the session and provided great technical support by answering questions from developers online.

At the Shanghai session, CNBB Dev Group leader Jonah Lin (CEO of MMMOOO) provided technical support onsite, and Chinese game company finger2finger submitted 260 games! After their big submissions for the last Port-A-Thon, the China Flash Dev Community also managed to contribute a huge number of apps.

The below picture is one of the strategic games submitted last weekend:


MMMOOO’s Weibo tweets on the Port-A-Thon generated more than 5000 retweets and 4000 comments.


Photos below are from Shanghai Port-A-Thon event (courtesy of CNBBDev):



In India, there were also two separate offline Port-A-Thon tech support sessions held – one at Rubus Labs @ Start-up Village, and the other at SV University. Each session had very keen and enthusiastic developers who were really focused on the one goal for the day – to port all their apps onto the BlackBerry 10 platform!

This photo shows students busy coding in the India Port-a-thon Tech Support Session:


The Port-A-Thon series not only helped developers to start building for the BlackBerry 10 platform, but also got the attention of many regional mobile application companies. Mingdge Technology, a mobile app company, said on Weibo this week: “There was never a platform as generous to developers as BlackBerry 10 and helps startup developer make money. Looks like I will eventually give up on iOS, specialize on BlackBerry 10, RIM rock on!”


Special thanks goes to the awesome APAC BlackBerry Dev Groups for their support on the offline Port-A-Thon Technical Sessions: BBDevIDID-Android Dev CNBBGroupRubus @ StartupVillageiiberryBBIndia,  BBVietnamand Pinoybbdev!

Look out for more from the developers here at the Last Chance Port-a-Thon this weekend!

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