Indonesian Devs Got Game at Live Port-a-thon in Bandung


Guest post from Muhammad – Ed.

Usually, people hate Mondays, but not Indonesian game developers! We proved it this past Monday during our live game port-a-thon in Bandung. The event was attended by more than 50 attendees from various game studios across the country. I kicked off the event by outlining the rewards and benefits of joining a live Port-A-Thon, including the chance to get $100 in apps, devices, and BlackBerry accessories, to name a few. I also spoke to the 10k Developer Commitment. Our gaming experts, Pratik Sapra and Ramprasad Madhavan followed, explaining how to port the games to BlackBerry 10, be it Native, Adobe Flash/Adobe AIR, HTML5, or even Android.

At Maxi’s Resto in Ciumbeuleuit, Bandung attendees began to port their applications with guidance from our gaming experts. It was great to be able to meet up with and assist on Indonesia’s top talent, and it is our hope that the number of mobile game developers in Indonesia continues to grow.


Ram, Pratik, and myself introducing our game development tools and rewards


The porting begins!

Over 100 games were ported during the live Port-A-Thon event, and we awarded BlackBerry PlayBook tablets to the developers with the best games ported on site. This was a very difficult decision, given the number of high-quality apps being ported!


Altermyth porting MajuMaru to BlackBerry 10


Mintsphere porting Trigger Knight

After much deliberation, the PlayBook tablets were won by Mintsphere and Zanuzawa. We also gave out seven BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B devices to studios that had successfully ported their game on site: Agate Games, Altermyth, Own Games, Tempa Labs, Hompimplay, Tinker Games, and Cupcorn.


Media Session with Developer Relations and Business Development

Congrats to the winning team, and lastly I’d like to thank the PR team, @BlackBerryDev, BBDevID, and GameDevID for promoting the event!

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