BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform Registration Changes

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The next OS update for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices contains some changes to the way BBM Connected applications register with the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform.  The methods used to register remain the same, but the order of operations has changed.

The main change requires an application to first check on the status of registration first before attempting to register.  If an application doesn’t check the status first, the registration attempt is ignored.  This means that applications that attempt to blindly register on startup will no longer succeed in registering.  This includes the samples we previously provided (BBMQtRegistration, BBMQtProfile, BBMQtInviteToDownload, BBMQtProfileBoxSAmple and BBMBaseSampleRegistration).  So if your registration code is based on what is used in those samples, you’ll need to update.

New samples which implement the updated registration process were made available to download November 29th.  You can access them here:

Cascades Samples

Core Native Sample

The registration method used in these samples works on current and previous beta releases of BlackBerry 10.  It is also the required method to use for future releases of BlackBerry 10.

The justification for this change is that we wanted to ensure the best user experience possible for users who are using BBM Connected applications.  These changes prevent the unnecessary overhead of applications that attempt to register with the BBM Social Platform every time they run by forcing them to check the registration status because typically, there is no need to register again after a successful registration.

So if you have created a BBM Connected application for BlackBerry 10, ensure you update your registration code.

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