BlackBerry SDK for Adobe AIR support for Flash Builder 4.7

Adobe AIR Development

Flash® Builder® 4.7 has been released by Adobe®. Flash Builder 4.7 is a complimentary update from Flash Builder 4.5/4.6. This release introduces new development features and enhancements, provides support for the new Apache Flex SDK and the new ActionScript Compiler 2.0.

The BlackBerry SDK for Adobe AIR has support for Flash Builder 4.7 but developers should note that the installation process is different. As of Flash Builder 4.7 developers must install the BlackBerry SDK for Adobe AIR then install the BlackBerry plugin through Flash Builder 4.7.


Full installation instructions can be found in the documentation here.

*Note: Flash Builder 4.7 tries to default all applications to use AIR 3.4 so when developing for BlackBerry developers must force the Adobe AIR run-time to version 3.1. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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