bbUI.js version 0.9.5 signed, sealed and delivered



With bbUI v0.9.5, <meme>We Has JavaScript</meme>. The focus in this release has really been another round of bug fixes, optimizations and additional JavaScript interfaces. The previous versions of bbUI have started to improve with the number of JavaScript interfaces, but still haven’t provided full dynamic functionality. This release gets us further towards our goal of creating more dynamic user interfaces via JavaScript. While we’ve made major steps forward in this department with v0.9.5, we’re not finished yet and have much more planned for v0.9.6.

Be sure to check out the full change log for this release to know what kind of adjustments you may need to make to your app in order to run v0.9.5. Also, check out the closed issues for details on bug fixes and new features. Any v0.9.5 compatibility changes are fairly minor and are meant to make your life easier as we continue to move forward.

Notable Improvements

  • Updated coloring/styling/sizing to better match Cascades
  • New Title Bar styling allows for optional coloring other than the default light or dark
  • Minified versions of the JavaScript and CSS files are now provided
  • Action Bar back button and “button actions” highlight when touched
  • Image Grids now allow for a specified number of columns in a row as well as horizontal carousel scrolling
  • Action and tab overflow menus now vertically scroll items when there are too many options to fit on the screen at one time
  • Toggle Buttons now support a disabled state
  • Ability to refresh all the items in an image list at once
  • Many new JavaScript interfaces for controls with updated samples to show how to use them
  • Control bug fixes

Compatibility Changes

I mentioned that there were a few changes that were made that will affect your applications, so let’s talk about those:

  • Image Lists:
  • List items now only highlight if they have an associated onclick for the item or have a context menu assigned to the list.
  • Images for image lists are now 109 x 109 for BlackBerry 10 devices to match the new list item height adjustment.
  • You now simply include bbUI.js and bbUI.css in your application. There are no longer any version numbers as part of the source file names. Version numbers are now contained inside the files as code comments.
  • The samples now show how to use your initialization code in the “webworksready” event for all BlackBerry OS versions.

More to Come

We’ve created an additional v0.9.6 milestone for bbUI that contains additional BlackBerry 10 styling improvements, and also includes more JavaScript interfaces for dynamic screen creation and manipulation. If you’re interested in following the bbUI.js changes as they go, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

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