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I’m stoked to spread the word to all of our developers that as of version 2.2, you can now build apps with PhoneGap that target BlackBerry® 10!

Our very own official Apache Cordova contributor Gord Tanner (@gordtanner) has been hard at work making sure you can build PhoneGap apps for BlackBerry 10 today. What’s got me really excited about this news is that even though BlackBerry 10 is still in beta, a quick test revealed more than half of the APIs are already supported. With monthly updates to PhoneGap being released, this means that developers can start working on their BlackBerry 10 apps right away, and have peace of mind knowing that more and more support will be available in each release.

What is PhoneGap, you say?

PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows developers to quickly build cross-platform apps using HTML5, JavaScript®, and CSS. PhoneGap is powered by Cordova and is compatible with BlackBerry® OS 5+, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS, and now BlackBerry 10!

Have a PhoneGap app created for another platform? We’ve got 10,000 reasons for you to port it over!

If you already have a PhoneGap app available on other platforms, why not take advantage of the recent BlackBerry 10 support? By porting your app over to BlackBerry 10, and registering for the 10k Developer Commitment, we’re guaranteeing you will make at least $10,000 in 12 months or we’ll pay the difference!

Note: Conditions apply. For complete details, visit the 10k Developer Commitment webpage.

So, are you ready? Get started in 3 steps:

1. Visit the new PhoneGap Getting Started Guide for BlackBerry.
2. Head over to the PhoneGap website and download the SDK.
3. Win!

If you’ve got a success story, have a question, or just want to chat about apps, hit me up on Twitter @chadtatro.

About Chad Tetreault

A developer at heart, I’ve been coding in some shape or form since the age of 13. Nowadays I focus on building awesome cross-platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) mobile web applications powered by Cordova, JavaScript, and AngularJS.

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