One More Step Towards BlackBerry 10 – BlackBerry 10 Gold SDKs

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Guest post from Lou G. – Ed.


We’ve reached many key dates for developers building for BlackBerry® 10, and we want everyone to mark December 11th, 2012 in their calendars. On that date, we will release the gold version of the BlackBerry 10 SDKs. When the Gold SDK is released on December 11th, you can complete your final testing and tweaking and submit your app knowing it will run on the commercial release of BlackBerry 10 smartphone OS.

There will be one other important date before the tools come out of beta – November 29th, 2012. We will release a beta update on November 29th that includes bug fixes, but also an important update for Web developers as our BlackBerry® WebWorks™ HTML5 tools will be updated to offer more functionality and to draw closer to parity with our Native tools. We encourage developers to get their apps ready using this beta SDK release.

A quick recap on calendar:

November 29 – BlackBerry 10 SDK update
November 29-30BlackBerry® Jam Asia (in Bangkok, Thailand)
December 11 – BlackBerry 10 Gold SDK launch
January 21 – Deadline to have apps submitted to the BlackBerry App World™ storefront for the 10k Developer Commitment where we guarantee $10,000 USD revenue in the first year (1,2).
January 30BlackBerry 10 launch events
February 5-6BlackBerry Jam Europe (in Amsterdam)

1) “Earns” refers to the amount that consumers pay for both paid downloads and in-app payments using BlackBerry Payment Service less any refunds and less applicable taxes included in the amount consumers pay, multiplied by the proportion of sales owing to the Vendor as defined by the Vendor Agreement. “Earns” does not include any advertising revenue. See Terms and Conditions for complete details.
2) A maximum of $10,000,000USD will be distributed under this Offer. Limit one (1) payout per Vendor. Twelve month period to be determined by RIM.

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