BlackBerry 10 Browser Meets Benchmark Standard for HTML5 Apps


Guest post from Matthew Staikos – Ed.

Today, I am thrilled to tell you that the BlackBerry® 10 browser meets the Ringmark Ring 1 benchmark standard for HTML5 app compatibility. The browser team here at RIM has been working closely with the HTML5 experts at Facebook, who developed the Ringmark HTML5 test suite, to ensure the BlackBerry 10 browser would meet the standard. By meeting the Ringmark Ring 1 benchmark standard, developers can add a level of advanced functionality to their HTML5 apps and be confident that the BlackBerry 10 browser can execute the app without problem.What is Ringmark?
Ringmark is an HTML5 test suite developed by Facebook and delivered to the Open Source community. It identifies a much needed standard to ensure consistency and a basic level of functionality for HTML5 app developers. In fact, Facebook says, “One of Ringmark’s primary goals is to prove that web features work for mobile web developers.” This is a great benefit to web developers and we wanted to showcase our support for this kind of standardization initiative. More info is available here – check it out or you can run the test suite against your mobile browser by visiting Developers with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing device running the latest BlackBerry 10 developer OS, will find that the browser passes all the Ring 1 tests successfully.

What is Ring 1?
Ringmark connects various features into tiers, or Rings. Ring 1, which is actually the second tier, identifies functionality developers would need at a fundamental level to build some of the more advanced types of apps in HTML5, such as 2D games, music and video apps, and camera apps.

So, where do we go from here? On to Ring 2! We’re diligently working to continue our support for the Ringmark standard and to provide developers an increased sense of confidence in the web as a platform.

We’re no strangers to the importance of standardization – especially in support of Web technologies. I’m proud to say that the BlackBerry 10 Browser is not only the highest scoring browser for HTML5 standard support (on, but is actually built entirely in HTML5! Talk about putting your money where your mouth is, right?

We also participate in W3C’s Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group (AKA CoreMob), along with Facebook and other organizations dedicated to promote the adoption of the mobile web as a platform for app development.

Check out Ringmark and let us know what you think. And, in the meantime, score another amazing achievement for the BlackBerry 10 browser!

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