Augmenting Reality With BlackBerry 10 and Wikitude SDK



Augmented Reality is a way to enhance what you see around you with the use of your mobile phone’s camera, sensors, and location services. If done right, applications of this technology can take the experience of the consumer to an entirely new level. Implementing this technology can be exciting and challenging at the same time. For those seeking a mature solution, we are extremely delighted about the recent announcement on the BlackBerry® 10 support for the Wikitude SDK.

Following up with that announcement, we are pleased to announce our next webcast on Augmented Reality (AR) Development for BlackBerry 10. Join us to learn how to make use of the Wikitude SDK to create cool AR apps and games for the BlackBerry 10. Get a deeper insight into the concepts of creating AR content using HTML5/JavaScript/CSS and integration into BlackBerry10 Cascades™ applications. Hear directly from Wolfgang Damm, Lead Software Architect from Wikitude Team that created the “Best Augmented Reality Browser 2012“.

Registration is open now! Please signup to reserve your spot for the webcast on November 20th, 2012 at 11:00am EST

Get up to speed on the features of Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10 before the webcast:

About Ramprasad Madhavan

Ram was a Senior Gaming Consultant at BlackBerry's Developer Relations Team. With years of Advanced Graphics and Gaming Experience, he managed technical partnerships with Industry's Top notch Game Engines and Middleware partners. Indie Gaming has always been his passion and he strives to make available all the tools necessary for Indie Game developers be successful on new BlackBerry Platform. Prior to joining Developer Relations team, Ram was part of Gaming R&D team at BlackBerry where he helped design and develop the open-source gaming framework, Gameplay3D.

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