10k Developer Commitment and Built For BlackBerry Webcasts



I recently presented three webcasts focusing on the 10k Developer Commitment and the Built For BlackBerry® Program. If you aren’t familiar with these programs, the first webcast provides an excellent introduction.

In the Built for BlackBerry program, you will be able to submit BlackBerry® 10 WebWorks™ or BlackBerry® 10 Native apps for approval.  Approval through the Built for BlackBerry program will signify to customers a higher level of quality. With a crowded app market, this designation may increase the chances of your app being downloaded.  This will be free (for now). BlackBerry 10 apps that pass will receive “Built for BlackBerry” quality status, which you can display with your app on your site, in BlackBerry App World – anywhere you market your apps.  This is a great opportunity for professional developers to powerfully differentiate their apps in BlackBerry App World.

We are so committed to the success of BlackBerry® 10, that we  guarantee that your Built for BlackBerry-approved application will earn at least $10,000 USD in the first year or we will pay the difference.  If your app earns1 at least $1,000 USD, but less than $10,000 USD, remains on sale for a 12 month period as outlined by RIM and maintains its’ Built for BlackBerry designation for the duration of the 12 months and otherwise meets the eligibility criteria, RIM will pay you the difference between what you earned and $10,000 USD2.  Developers are only eligible to receive this one time.  The 10K Developer Commitment is a limited-funds offer and will continue only until the $10 million fund pool is exhausted. Funds will be distributed in order of priority based on the date upon which apps reach $1,000 USD in earnings. See the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Don’t think of this as RIM paying you to develop for BlackBerry 10, it is our commitment to you that quality applications will make at least $10,000 USD. We’re confident your quality applications will make over $10K in the first year; we’re just providing a kind of insurance policy to you, a financial cushion, if you will.

After you have been introduced to the programs, take a listen to the second webcast: Built For BlackBerry: UX, UI, and System Integration. In this Webcast I go a little deeper into the User Experience, User Interface, and System integration criteria in the Built For BlackBerry program. You will see examples of good user experience, UI design, and system integration. The Webcast also discusses best practices for user interface elements like tabs, menus, and action bars. You’ll get information about integration with BBM™, Push, the Invocation Framework, and NFC.

The third webcast focuses on performance. For this webcast I have assembled three experts from each of the key BlackBerry 10 Platforms. Roberto Speranza will talk about his Top 10 tips to address performance on Native Development. Graham Robertson will take you on a tour of increasing the performance of your BlackBerry® WebWorks™ applications and Dustin Malik will look at AIR and some performance recommendations. This webcast is crammed with great tips and information for your applications.

If you missed the webcasts, this is a great opportunity to get caught up. If you attended the Webcasts, you can review the material to make sure you got every nugget of information. Here is the link to the webcast recordings and for more information about the programs, check out 10k Commitment and Built for BlackBerry.

1.“Earns” refers to the amount that consumers pay for both paid downloads and in-app payments using BlackBerry Payment Service less any refunds and less applicable taxes included in the amount consumers pay, multiplied by the proportion of sales owing to the Vendor as defined by the Vendor Agreement.  “Earns” does not include any advertising revenue.  See Terms and Conditions for complete details.

2. A maximum of $10,000,000USD will be distributed under this Offer.  Limit one (1) payout per Vendor.  Twelve month period to be determined by RIM.

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