Winners! Stump the BlackBerry Devs


A little over a month ago, we launched a challenge that gave our BlackBerry® developer community the opportunity to stump RIM’s own development teams: Stump the BlackBerry Devs. Throughout the month of August, we received a lot of really fun submissions for the challenge and we’ve been tracking many of these on our github repository.

We announced the solutions that were chosen for implementation at BlackBerry Jam Americas. The implementation for all three challenges were discussed and solutions posted to github during the Unconference Day at BlackBerry Jam Americas.

Pumano Dmitriy
Horizontal 3D carousel gallery without arrows #StumpTheBlackBerryDevs

rcmaniac25 Vinnie Simonetti
@BlackBerryDev How do I make this in Cascades #StumpTheBlackBerryDevs

pbillings512 Patrick Billings
@BlackBerryDev I want a hide/unhide area that can reveal extra info like today’s date, etc. #StumpTheBlackBerryDevs

See a solution that you wish we’d implemented? Follow the lead of one of our public developers, implement a stumper, and submit your solution to our github repo!

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