Under The Microscope: The BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Experience Review


What is it like for developers to get started with the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ platform for the very first time?  Well, we want to know.

Questions like these are very important and the reasons why I and nine others from our team have gathered today to analyze and explore further.  In the room today we have:

  • Developer Relations: Adam Stanley, Michelle Mendoza
  • R&D: Chris Del Col, Dan Silivestru, Matt Lantz
  • Documentation: Ryan Lehman, Kevin Bater, Kate Wilhelm
  • Product Management: Tim Neil
  • Wireless Application Architects: Brent Thornton, Ed Bourne


The goal of today’s exercise is to take a step back, and put ourselves in the shoes of our development community.  We are putting the BlackBerry HTML5/WebWorks platform under a microscope to get a deeper understanding of its DNA.

Everyone in the room is uninstalling their SDKs and clearing their minds in order to live through the experience of getting started with BlackBerry Web development for the very first time.  We’re putting on the hats of different developer personalities and discovering how those mindsets affect how they discover the platform, read use our documentation, access samples and use our SDKs.

We want to ensure a developer never has to get stuck at “Now what do I do?”  The next step, whether it is downloading Ripple, installing a code signing key or testing via remote web inspector should be clear.

How did you get started with BlackBerry dev for the first time?

As the folks who are behind the scenes actually building the tools, websites and learning resources that developers use, it’s important we are clearly providing a positive experience that enables our developers to be successful.  Right now we are ½ way through the day and we’ve discovered finding proactive ways to make the existing experience even better for our web community.  Some examples include:

  • More focus on putting samples at the forefront of the getting started process.
  • Providing offline documentation.
  • Better linking between API reference guides, samples and developer documentation.

I want to hear your feedback.  Tell me what was important to you as a developer when you first started and I’ll make sure your voice is heard.

Post a comment below or send us a tweet using hashtag #bbdevxp or post in the BlackBerry Web community forums and let us know what’s on your mind!

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