Mastering the Native Developer Experience


Suavek is leading our BlackBerry® Native SDK Developer Experience reviews today – here’s his post. – Brian Z.


In the room we have folks playing the roles of new Cascades™ developers. Some are trying to approach development from the point of view of open source developers. We have gamers looking at developing games. There are those wearing iOS developer hats and looking to bring existing apps to BlackBerry. We have developers and product managers from the Czech Republic and Sweden joining us online.

We hope that these diverse perspectives will help us better understand the experiences of developers starting out with BlackBerry development.

We all started on and at the outset we had a debate on whether it’s clear on what technology a developer should use. After clicking C/C++ the debate continued. What does the sponge cake represent? Why do we need to differentiate technologies right away when a single IDE has them all? As an iOS developer do I go to porting heaven or do I choose Cascades? Can I have Raw OS access, be Open Source friendly and interact with Bluetooth sensors when I choose Cascades? We were a bit confused on what choice to make and why and we’ll take that feedback to improve the site.

Tell us your thoughts on getting started with BlackBerry 10 Native development. You can follow what’s going on here by following  @BlackBerryDev, using hashtag #BBDevXP.

The day continues….

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