Recapping the Developer Experience Review of BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps

Android Development

Guest post from James – Ed.

The BlackBerry® Runtime for Android™ apps team concluded the Developer Experience Review day with some areas we thought that the developer experience can be improved upon to ease the transition for Android developers coming onto the BlackBerry platform.

One interesting issue we encountered was when registering your signature keys using the online packager. We noticed that the p12 certificate is being saved in the same directory as where your keys were saved, instead of where your barsigner files are. This created an issue when using the BlackBerry plug-in for ADT, causing you to have to select your p12 certificate instead of the plug-in recognizing it automatically. We’ll be sure to update our online packager to have this use case addressed.

Aside from the issue above, we came away with some further improvements in documentation as well as some additional test scenarios for future releases, and we will be working towards a cross-platform signature key registration guide to make this process as painless as possible. Personally, I’ll be writing some additional knowledge base articles in the next week to give some sample command-line arguments.

Overall, it was a great experience being able to set everything else aside for the day to play the role of an external developer, allowing our group to really critique and fine tune our offering to you guys from your perspective.

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