Adobe AIR Developer Experience Conclusion

Adobe AIR Development

After a day of experimenting with what it’s like to develop a BlackBerry® 10 application for the first time, the team here in Mississauga has made some discoveries on what we can improve to make things easier for developers. Here are some of our key findings for the day from the Adobe® AIR® side:

  • The flow of developing your first application by following the Adobe AIR developer site needs some improvement. We discovered there are some disconnects with how developers go from downloading the tools to getting their helloWorld application created and deploying it to a simulator or a device.
  • Finding our way through the documentation was confusing. We found that when we were trying to complete certain tasks, the docs were not very straightforward or easy to find.
  • The downloads page doesn’t include links to everything you need to download. For example, if you don’t have JRE 1.6, you’ll need to download and install it before you install the SDK. Also, to use FDT, you’ll need to download and install the Flex 4.6 SDK.
  • There were system requirements for each tool you needed to download. It would have been nice to see one amalgamated requirements list.
  • Samples need to be easier to download and should be easy to get working in supported platforms.
  • There needs to more information and documentation around developing a BlackBerry 10 experience in AIR and more best practices.

We have many more pages of notes that we took throughout the day. The next step is to create bugs in the Developer Issue Tracker so that you can follow along with the progress as we make improvements for a better Adobe AIR development experience. You can expect those to come next week. We hope to address the top issues in the coming weeks.

About Dustin M.

Dustin Malik began his interactive development career at a small mom and pop ISP in Hamilton, Ontario back in 2000 where he was introduced to Flash 5. He continued to pursue his passion for development and caught his break in 2004 when he was hired as a Flash Developer at Research In Motion. Over the next 6 years Dustin contributed to over 300 projects, and in 2010 he took on leadership of the Flash team. He spent the next 2 years managing and mentoring an incredibly talented group with skills in programming, motion graphics, video, audio, art, and 3D. Dustin in now part of the BlackBerry Developer Relations team and does his part to inspire and support developers who are writing apps in HTML5/AIR, and drive their success in BlackBerry App World.

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