The Story Behind BlackBerry 10 Screen Resolutions


Nico at wrote a post on the screen resolutions of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones. We published a post on this a few weeks back, but I really like Niko’s take – thought we’d share. – Ed


In an effort to standardize the screen screen resolutions of future BlackBerry smartphones, RIM has stated that pure touchscreen BlackBerry 10 smartphones will use the 1280 x 720 standard screen resolution.  This makes sense for a few reasons.  First, it’s the same aspect ratio of your HDTV, 16:9.  Second, most of the high-definition content available comes in at 720p, which matches the 1280 x 720 screen resolution that RIM is aiming for.  As for the N-Series, its pretty much matching the horizontal dimensions of the L-Series so that most apps will only have to adjust vertical proportions of the user interface.

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