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Guest post from Patrick M. – Ed.

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I love Miami. I love the heat, the food, the culture and the people. Miami is also the home of one of our newest and incredibly active BlackBerry® Developer Groups – the Miami BlackBerry Dev Group. This group formed in the late spring and already they’ve had five meetups. If you are in the South Florida area, I highly suggest you check them out and definitely follow them on Twitter (@BBDevMiami).

The group is led by Ipsan Gonzalez (@IpsanG) and Damian Montero, and the most recent event took place at Planet Linux Caffe. The owner Andre and his wife were great hosts, with the place very well set-up for local meetups and developer meetings. There was a great turnout, with a crowd of developers eager to learn. We kept the night informal, intimate and interactive. I was flooded with questions, and everyone was very engaged. I even made a new best friend!

I don’t enjoy typing in front of anyone; I get nervous, I make mistakes, and I really make the backspace key earn its presence on my keyboard. Luckily for me, the crowd was patient, I had practiced ahead of time, and the Cascades™ development environment has code completion! After a quick evangelical message from me, we got down to the code walkthrough. We worked through some hiccups and we all learned a trick or three. Everyone seemed to really dig how easy it was to create an amazing user interfaces using Cascades.

I can’t thank the group down here enough for inviting me to come meet them. Guys, keep up the Cascades work and discovery! New friends, good laughs, and energetic developers. What more could a developer ask for? I can’t wait for the next visit.

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