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Here’s a guest post from Romeo Crugnale (BlackBerry® Websites Relations team). You should also check out this post about the new User Agent for BlackBerry® 10.


It’s with great pleasure that we announce the inclusion of BlackBerry® 7 and BlackBerry® 10 platforms to the resource site “When can I use…”.

When can I use… features tables that detail desktop and mobile browsers support of web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more.

The BlackBerry Website Relations team worked very closely with Alexis Deveria (founder of “When can I use…” and a developer) to ensure all supported tags and values were properly tested. Alexis used our BlackBerry simulators (BlackBerry 10 WebWorks™  SDK and the BlackBerry WebWorks Smartphone SDK to complete the testing. RIM would like to thank Alexis for his efforts. His tests validated what we already knew – this is one great browser!

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