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It’s Matt here again with some new features to share with you regarding the BlackBerry® Runtime for Android™ Apps in BlackBerry® 10.

Before we talk about what’s new in BlackBerry 10, let us recap what was available for the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps in Beta 2. There were four major enhancements added to the Android Runtime: Multi-Window, Camera support, In-App Payments, and Telephony APIs.

Building on all these great features, there is now even more support for Android Runtime in the BlackBerry 10 Beta 3. This includes support for:

  • Compose message – Intent support to compose and send an email message.
  • Contacts support – Contact information can be added to a new or existing contact via the BlackBerry 10 contacts app.
  • Calendar Events – Intent support to create a calendar event via the native BlackBerry 10 calendar app.
  • IMF Support – Android text input controls are now integrated with the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard. This makes it possible to utilize keyboard features such as text prediction and dedicated numerical input.
  • Notifications – Provide support for notifications for your app.

All these features are now available for the Android Runtime on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing device and simulator. How do you start using these great new features? Jump to the Runtime for Android Apps microsite. There is also an updated 1.3 Beta release for the BlackBerry Eclipse™ Plug-in for Android Development Tools and Command-line tools to help get you using all these new Android Runtime features for the BlackBerry 10 Beta. For the Eclipse users, make sure to point your update site to: https://bdsc.webapps.blackberry.com/android/downloads/eclipseplugin/beta/

To see what’s coming in the next beta, remember to check out the flight arrival board for the all the Runtime for Android App features and tooling releases.

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