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Many great APIs and features have been delivered to our BlackBerry® WebWorks™ developer community with the recent updates to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. The Ripple Emulator is a key part of our tooling story for our web developers, and Ripple just got richer. Today we have released Ripple 0.9.8 with some excellent new features. If you already have our Ripple Emulator installed, then you should be updated automatically the next time you start Google Chrome. If you haven’t yet installed Ripple, then don’t hesitate — get on your (virtual) scooter and head over to the Ripple download page to get the latest version. Please pay careful attention to the install instructions, as with the latest versions of Chrome, you can only install the Extension by dragging it right into the chrome://extensions page.

In this update to Ripple, you will find a new area in the Chrome Extension panel for Ripple that will allow you to start and stop the build and deploy services from within the tool itself. You will no longer need to start and stop the services manually. You can even set the services to start and stop each time your start Chrome if you like. This should be welcome relief compared to previous versions where you needed to start the services from the command line.

Also in this release is emulation for a number of APIs delivered in recent BlackBerry WebWorks SDK releases:

  • Software version and hardwareId
  • Support for the swipedown event
  • Support for the Invoke framework, both invoking other applications and being invoked

Further, enhanced support for Apache Cordova emulation is included. A bunch of work has been done here, including:

  • The media APIs
  • The File APIs
  • Events
  • Navigator.contacts
  • Partial support for the navigator.device.capture API

We are really excited about how Ripple is evolving, and look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest additions. Fire up Google Chrome if you already have Ripple installed and start playing with the new features. Otherwise, head over to the Ripple download page to get the latest version and get started!

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