What’s up with Qt and the future of Cascades?


Some of you may have been reading about Nokia’s decision surrounding their investments in Qt and wondering what exactly this may mean for BlackBerry® 10 and the Cascades™ application framework. As many of you know, RIM provides a port of Qt to run on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ as well as BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Qt is also one of the foundational pieces for the Cascades application framework contributing both the UI declaration in QML as well as many C++ APIs.

We believe that Qt has many great qualities, which is why we have adopted it as part of the core Cascades app framework. The fact that Qt is an open source project has allowed us to both embed it as a core technology layered on top of the POSIX compliant QNX RTOS, as well as contribute changes back to the project. We want to make sure that everyone understands that the BlackBerry 10 platform, and our Cascades application framework, is not tied to the future of Qt in Nokia.

RIM continues to support the Qt community and we are committed to supporting Qt on the BlackBerry platform, including tight collaboration with the Qt community outside of Nokia and with Digia as new potential owner of Qt. We also welcome all Qt developers to bring both their talents and applications to the BlackBerry platform.

While the formal side of the future of Qt is a little foggy right now, we want our community to rest assured that Qt on BlackBerry is here to stay and that Cascades has a bright and long term future with QML.

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