BlackBerry Jams with Students and Developers in Warsaw

BlackBerry Jam

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Guest post from Georgina – Ed.

BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour arrived in Warsaw on a sunny Tuesday, attracting developers not only from Poland but from all over Europe, including Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy. About 100 students from the BlackBerry® Academic Programs at Gliwice, Katowice and Bielso-Biala universities were among the 500 registered participants. There are now five universities that have the BlackBerry Academic Program (BAP) as part of their curriculum, which provides resources and training courses for administering and supporting the BlackBerry solution, in addition to developing apps for the BlackBerry platform. This large group of students joined hundreds of Polish developers from around the country to learn about developing for BlackBerry® 10. The event attendees included developers already enjoying success on the BlackBerry platform, such as the creators of Cooklet, a globally popular recipe app for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet which was awarded best Adobe® AIR® app at BlackBerry World™ 2012.

We are excited by the passion and enthusiasm of the Polish students about BlackBerry 10. David Keane, Senior Country Manager in Poland commented: “The response to BlackBerry 10 in the Polish developer community has been amazing and we are glad that so many students are interested in developing applications for the new platform. We are already very proud of our cooperation with these academic institutions from different parts of Poland and we are looking forward to developing the program further with new partners this year. We believe that among the students participating in BlackBerry 10 Jam, there are future leaders of successful and globally popular apps for BlackBerry.”

The students see BlackBerry 10 as a strong platform that provides them with different tools for creating powerful applications that appeal to local and international audiences. Adam Cholewa, a coordinator of BAP at Gliwice University, explained why they decided to get up at 3 a.m. to attend BlackBerry 10 Jam Warsaw: “We have been running the BlackBerry Academic Program for over one year, enabling our students to not only get resources and support from RIM, but also participate in important events with other developers. In February we attended BlackBerry DevCon in Amsterdam, and today we are in Warsaw. These events give our students a chance to gain knowledge about BlackBerry 10 and learn from developers already creating apps for the BlackBerry platform, providing hands-on experience and important skills for the future.”

The students attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour event in Poland gave very positive feedback on the event: “The Jam was very successful”, said Olek Sławiński, a student from Silesian Technical University. “During the conference I learned a lot of interesting tips that might be useful in the future, and everything was presented in a clear and understandable way, from the initial state of developing to uploading an application in BlackBerry App World.

“BlackBerry 10 is incredibly interesting, especially because it enables to develop in different ways, such as in Cascades™ and BlackBerry® WebWorks™. When using native SDKs, QT4 is very useful and enables achieving our goals in a simple way. Another thing that I like a lot about BlackBerry 10 is its graphic features – it automatically creates animations linked to particular elements of our application. And in case of any problems, we can always count on the support of the BlackBerry developer community.”

It is difficult to believe, but what these students are most looking forward to is the end of holidays! They want to start the BlackBerry Academic Program in autumn so they can get started on building their apps for BlackBerry 10. Truly inspiring. Thank you, Poland!

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