BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour: Jakarta is BlackBerry Nation

BlackBerry Jam

Guest post from Didiet – Ed.

The BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour visited the beautiful city of Jakarta, Indonesia on July 10th. Over 300 developers attended the event at the JW Marriott hotel in Mega Kuningan Area of Jakarta. The attendees were a combination of independent developers, students, startup developers, and enterprise developers – all coming together to learn about BlackBerry 10 development.

Local BlackBerry Developer Groups were well represented, including BBDevID and IDBerry as well as regional startup communities like Fowab from Bandung, Bancakan from Jogjakarta, RotiFresh from Semarang, and Stasion from Malang. We were also proud to have government officials in attendance.

The event started with an opening welcome address from our MC: Hasting Singh, Managing Director of South Asia. After that, we continued with speeches from Pak Djoko Agung, the representative from Ministry of Information.


The event continued with the famous video featuring Alec Saunders, Martyn Mallick, and Chris Smith singing “Waiting Is the Hardest Part” in which we even localized the lyrics. Then Alec came to the stage doing his favorite thing: myth busting. The energy and excitement was high!

After that, Sarim Aziz, the Team Lead of Developer Relations in APAC, talked about the user experience on BlackBerry 10. He explained about the cinematic experience and emphasized the moments of charm in the BlackBerry 10 application flow.

Following Sarim, I went on stage to deliver the introduction of BlackBerry 10 architecture in Bahasa Indonesia, doing demos about Cascades™ and HTML5 cross-platform development using bbUI framework.

After that, I introduced our partners: Ibnu Maksum AKA Ibnux; a freelancer calling himself Petani Digital (Digital Farmer) due to his living location on countryside; and NuxRadio, which is already available in for BlackBerry® smartphones and will be available on BlackBerry 10 using BlackBerry® WebWorks™. Ibnux then demoed the advantage of BlackBerry WebWorks on BlackBerry 10, including Adobe® Flash® Support.

After Ibnux, we had our partner, Faizal Adiputra from Ristomobile, showcasing Picstory. The picture-sharing app (which is already available for BlackBerry® OS 5, BlackBerry® 6 and BlackBerry® 7 OS) and the winner of BlackBerry Hackathon Jakarta had been remade from the ground-up for BlackBerry 10 using Cascades, our brand new UI framework. He demoed how Cascades handles animation within application UI very smoothly.

Oscar Kurniawan from Tanoshii Studio then went on stage with his game Room of Disaster, which was easily ported to BlackBerry 10 from Symbian S60. He explained that due to Qt and C++ support, porting to BlackBerry 10 only needs minimal time investment.

Johan Kremer, the Head of Alliance APAC, took the stage dressed in batik and shared tips and tricks on monetizing on the BlackBerry platform.

We had eleven apps showcased during lunch, with Record-It – an application to record voice while talking on your phone, created by Igo – won the lightning pitch!

During the event, QuizHore used their @quizhore Twitter® account to hold a BlackBerry 10 Jam Jakarta quiz by using the hashtag #BB10JamHore. The winner was @dausgonia, a developer from Bandung, who was eligible for a BlackBerry® 9230 smartphone.

All in all, we had a very exciting and successful BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour event in “BlackBerry Nation” Jakarta, with many developers in many cities around Indonesia willing and excited to come onboard with the BlackBerry 10 open platform.

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