Tweaking the BlackBerry 10 Beta 2 Native SDK


In our eagerness to get BlackBerry® 10 Beta 2 Native SDK out the door on schedule, we ended up releasing it with two issues that we feel warrant a new patch. We didn’t want developers to have to wait until the next release to get these fixes – especially if work was dependent on this functionality.

The first fix addresses an issue with the Invocation API. The invocation framework does not launch the target on the simulator. For all practical purposes, this means that if you create an invocation target application and install it on the simulator, no app will be able to invoke it. This functionality does already works on the device, so if you are developing your BlackBerry 10 app on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing device, you should be fine. But for all those developers who are using the simulator for development, we felt it was necessary to provide a fix to this as soon as we could.

The other noteworthy fix is with regards to the Notifications API. When you develop an app with the capability of posting notifications, it gets vibrate set to ON and Badge set to OFF by default in the Notification Settings. It should actually be the other way around – vibrate should be set to OFF and Badge should be set to ON by default. Oops, reminds me of something Dr. Nick would do.

Other than that, there are no new features included in this patch. If these fixes are not important to your development, you can continue to use the Beta 2 version of the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK that you currently have installed.

You can download the latest BlackBerry 10 Native SDK here.

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