Building Compelling 3D Apps using Cascades and OpenGL ES



If you want to write your own Cascades™ app using OpenGL ES, you can’t miss our webcast on Building Compelling 3D Apps using Cascades and OpenGL ES, which will take place on July 31, 2012 at 11am EST.

This fourth Cascades webcast will focus on how to combine Cascades and OpenGL ES to create compelling 3D apps. The techniques discussed were first presented at BlackBerry® 10 Jam in Orlando by discussing the creation of GoodCitizenCascades, a Cascades version of the NDK sample app Good Citizen (the original version of this sample app will be posted to the Cascades-Community-Samples repository on GitHub soon). The sample app featured best practices for how to properly structure the OpenGL code and link it in with Cascades, how to leverage Actions and the use of NavigatorPanes for multiple panels, and how to process touch events and use them to control a 3D scene rendered in OpenGL using Qt objects and JavaScript®. In the webcast, we will also expand on the original content with more Cascades tips and tricks based on new Cascades features coming in the next BlackBerry 10 beta release, and demonstrate at least one additional sample app demonstrating some of the integration techniques not covered before.

Registration is now open, so get signed up and reserve your seat today!

Miss the first three webcasts? No problem!

If you would like to attend the fourth webcast but missed the first three, don’t worry — they are available on-demand from the Cascades microsite. Feel free to watch these webcasts, follow along with the sample applications demonstration, and code at the same time. You’ll be able to get caught up on all the information needed to take full advantage of the fourth webcast session.

On the topic of videos: if you are unable to attend this fourth session, rest assured that it too will be posted to the Cascades microsite shortly following its presentation, so keep watch of the site for updates.

I am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming webcasts and interacting with you all again!

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