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BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK Refreshed

As I am sure you are aware by now, we released a major update of the BlackBerry® 10 WebWorks SDK last week. This brought some awesome features for web developers on the BlackBerry® platform, such as Invoke framework, Push, context menus, and file transfer. Probably one of the biggest was the file API, using the HTML5 File API with support for both a sandboxed (default) and unsandboxed file system.

Thanks to your feedback, we identified an issue where the sandboxing logic was not working as we documented. The default for the file system should be sandboxed, but it was actually unsandboxed. Further, the property could not be set, so you could never actually get a sandboxed file system.

We have fixed the issue and pushed up a patch to the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK so that you can continue working with the File system API as you would expect. Please head on over to the download page to get the latest SDK, and keep working on your BlackBerry WebWorks application for BlackBerry 10!

About Ken W

Ken is the Senior Product Manager for the WebWorks group at BlackBerry. He is responsible for WebWorks tooling and is heavily involved in the Open Source projects at and the Apache Cordova community. Ken has a particular interest in trying to bring the internal and external BlackBerry development communities closer together.

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