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If you weren’t able to attend the BlackBerry® 10 Jam event at the start of May in Orlando to get some see some of the great Cascades™ presentations then here’s your second chance! On June 19th I will be hosting a webinar which will help give you an understanding of Cascades and provide the information needed to get started developing using the new SDK: Astonishing UIs using the new BlackBerry 10 framework 

Consider this your invitation to all things Cascades! Come see what all the hype is about and learn how to get started with the next evolution of application framework for the BlackBerry 10 platform. The session will include an overview of what Cascades is and cover the basics of developing in Cascades; after which we should have some time for a live coding example and a brief Q&A period.

Registration is open now so get signed up to reserve and I will see you on June 19th!

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