Web Directions Code Round Up in Melbourne


Look at the number of people at Web Directions Code!

Hey everyone! We just finished a great event at Web Directions Code down under in Melbourne, Australia, and it was packed with over 250 web developers eager to absorb all that knowledge and resources on HTML5 and JavaScript®. Web Directions Code is the prelude to Web Directions South, happening from October 16-19 in Sydney — a conference focused on all things web, showcasing the latest and greatest in HTML5, best patterns and practises to make the web a more awesome place to be in.

Check out the queue for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets.

And guess what? We gave almost every attendee a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and it was really exciting to see so many people impressed with the HTML5 capabilities of BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. To those who received a tablet during the event — I hope you guys have a great time with our devices, and create some awesome web apps!

Our banner showing us embracing HTML5.

That’s a wrap up for this event, and I look forward to see you guys again at Web Directions South. Cheers mate!

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