Upstreaming Contributions: Where did the Cocos2d-x code go?



If you visit our Cocos2D-X repository today you will find just a file. Where’s the code? Well, we removed it two weeks ago, in a Go Upstream! commit.

This sequence exemplifies a class of our repositories at GitHub: we created the repository to produce a port of the upstream project, which then was incorporated into an official release: cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.11.0. All official Cocos2d-X releases since then, including the latest, cocos2d-2.0-rc0a-x-2.0, support our platform. Removing our code and pointing upstream removes confusions (and saves us time).

Cocos2d-X is the first instance where we have removed the code, but upstreaming is a principle we are following in many other cases. In some cases we contribute directly to the upstream community, in others we go through an intermediate public repository.

Direct Contributions

Some examples of direct contributions include:

Staged Contributions

Some examples of staged contributions include:

About Eduardo P-L.

Eduardo joined BlackBerry from Oracle where he was Architect for Open Source and Community in the Application Platform Group for Oracle. Before Oracle Eduardo was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems where he participated and led projects in multiple areas including IDEs, OS, Java, many JSRs and in Open Source. Eduardo's Open Source activities include leading an early engagement at Sun with XEmacs and LGPL, participating in the creation of Apache Tomcat and being the engineering manager for Hudson - he is still involved in Jenkins - and the architect for Open Source and community strategy for Sun's middleware products, including GlassFish. Eduardo has a PhD from UC Berkeley, and a MSc and a BS from Universidad Simon Bolivar, in Venezuela.

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