BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour: Thank You Barcelona!



Happy Monday! We’ve got a recap of the most recent BlackBerry® 10 Jam World Tour event from Kamel – read on for all the good news from Barcelona. – Ed.

¡Hola Barcelona! We just completed our second BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour event in fantastic Barcelona, a mecca of mobile developers. This was our second time in Barcelona this year after our presence at Mobile World Congress, and we were happy to be back. The venue was fantastic and the weather was great, but that was nothing compared to the great developer audience we had actively enriching our presentations throughout the day.

We kicked off the day with talks about the BlackBerry 10 experience and a technical overview of its architecture, outlining the flexibility that developers have to work with HTML5, Adobe® AIR®, Java®, Android™, and Native C/C++ – giving developers a choice of technologies to use. The spontaneous applause after demonstrating the “flow, connect, extend” experience on a real BlackBerry 10 prototype (that fantastic BlackBerry device keyboard…) was exciting.

The afternoon was split in a rally of presentations and hand-on demos about our Native and HTML5 platforms. A very engaged audience managed to stay focused and stay with us through to the end (even with the fantastic weather outside and being only meters away from a wonderful marina and beach!). Aaron Ardiri, our new evangelist, presented his own experience porting his games from other platforms to BlackBerry 10. The audience enjoyed it – check the tweets from @ardiri at #BB10Jam.

We also organized the opportunity for developers to present 3-minute lightning pitches of their BlackBerry apps (whether finished or under construction) to the audience, who then voted for the best one. The winner was AparKarma — see happy winner David with myself after winning:

The Developer Relations team really enjoyed being in Barcelona, talking to the local developers and showing the capability and opportunities of our Native and HTML5 platforms. Although my hands-on demo of the powerful momentics IDE didn’t work as I expected (demo syndrome…) and I had to resort to Plan B (snapshots on slides), I was so surprised and happy about the applause I received from the audience anyway. Amazing BlackBerry developers in Barcelona!

Once again, thank you so much Barcelona! Looking forward to my next amazing stop in Paris on June 12th.

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