PictureWall: a new HTML5 sample on Github


Gord published a new HTML5 sample during BlackBerry® 10 Jam: PictureWall, which is a BlackBerry® WebWorks™ application that controls a “wall” tiled with tablets like the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. The pictures are delivered from a server that is running nodeJS and are pushed to the tablets using socket.io.

The tablets are in a fixed layout and each tablet knows its position in the wall. At a given time, the wall can be used to present pictures in different combinations of tablets, ranging from one picture per tablet to a single picture split the complete wall. The two pictures below show a 3×3 wall of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets displaying 9 different images, and then a single image split into 9 segments.


Have fun with the sample and let us know how you use it, or extend it. And remember, we welcome contributions back to our repositories on Github.

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