BlackBerry Samples for jQuery Mobile

Open Source

Supporting open standards and open source are keystones of the BlackBerry® platform. We are pleased to announce another repository of open source contributions through Github. Our 56th repository, jQuery-Mobile-Samples, will contain samples and tutorials using jQuery Mobile for building outstanding BlackBerry applications and mobile web experiences.

If you’ve done mobile web development, then jQuery will be familiar to you. It’s used by many organizations to make compelling websites and applications on the leading platforms. jQuery Mobile is a recent release focused on mobile devices with excellent cross-platform capabilities. With this repository we will be providing examples that detail some advanced features of the jQuery Mobile Framework which you will want to use in your next project.

Watch the repository on Github and you’ll see the first few tutorials with sample code appearing this month. Later in the roadmap are examples for using jQuery Mobile with other frameworks for even more opportunities to impress your users.

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