HYPERDRIVE: Less than a week to go! Have you applied yet?


Attention entrepreneurs of the world! There’s a new kid on the incubator block looking for you. HYPERDRIVE is an amazing program to help people with incredible ideas and the drive to succeed to build competitive and world-leading companies.

Research In Motion (RIM) is a funding partner for HYPERDRIVE, and we’re thrilled to work with the team there to let the BlackBerry® developer community know about this opportunity. At HYPERDRIVE, it doesn’t matter where you’re from – as long as you bring a truly stellar idea and the drive to turn it into a world-leading company.

There are a few important things that make HYPERDRIVE stand out from the pack:

  • A three-month “sprint” at the beginning of the program at the Communitech Hub within the Tannery District in Waterloo, Ontario (a.k.a. Canada’s Silicon Valley), where you’ll plug into a rich network of experienced entrepreneurs, tech industry heavyweights, executives-in-residence, and fellow start-up renegades.
  • You’ll also spend a week in New York City, meeting with US funders, partners and potential clients.
  • Insider access to Canada’s top Angels, VCs and other funding partners, and help in foreign markets too.
  • Once you’re back home, you’ll receive hands-on guidance from a global network of mentors who will bring their expertise to your challenges for up to 24 months.
  • You’ll have access to $100,000 of in-kind support to keep your business engines firing.

And did we mention it’s open to anyone in the world?

HYPERDRIVE accepts a maximum of 10 companies, three times a year — but you have to be up to scratch. This $30-million-plus incubator program isn’t just exciting, supportive and fun – it is a very real boost to building your business.

The program offers initial funding of $55,000 (equity and loan), plus a $150,000 convertible note when you finish the sprint, AND $500,000 from leading VCs at four-month intervals when you’re ready to scale. Basically, HYPERDRIVE provides the money, the knowledge, and the connections to help you turn your idea into a top-flight company.

Applications close June 4th — apply today at www.communitech.ca/hyperdrive!

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