BlackBerry Jam World Tour Kicks Off Today


The BlackBerry® Jam World Tour has officially begun! Developers in Milan, Italy have been working with our Developer Relations crew all day, attending sessions that they may have missed at BlackBerry® 10 Jam in May, getting hands-on time with our BlackBerry 10 tools and connecting with other developers – all of whom are ready to build apps for BlackBerry 10!

And can I just say – wow. I am completely amazed and thrilled at the response to the BlackBerry Jam World Tour. BlackBerry developers, you are amazing! We’ve already had several stops sell out, including Toronto, which filled up in less than 24 hours. It’s pretty clear to me that people are not only interested in BlackBerry 10 – they are excited to be part of the launch and are already invested in what BlackBerry 10 will mean to the mobile industry.

What is the BlackBerry Jam World Tour?

The BlackBerry Jam World Tour is a series of full-day events dedicated to providing the developer community with insights on the BlackBerry 10 platform; its strengths, the vision, and how developers can make apps that stand out to app-hungry BlackBerry users.

Developers in attendance will:

  • Be amongst the first to develop for the BlackBerry 10 platform.
  • Discover the power of BlackBerry 10. Learn about the unique capabilities that will set applications apart.
  • Collaborate with others in the developer community. Learn, share and network with fellow developers.
  • Have access to BlackBerry 10 platform and tools experts.

The Tour events offer one-on-one expert guidance from BlackBerry platform experts, to help attendees build better apps. Sessions focused on HTML5 + BlackBerry® WebWorks™ and Native C/C++ and Cascades QML development for the BlackBerry platform. Developers will be able to interact with development experts who can provide guidance, tips and tricks, and other information to help developers get started building apps for BlackBerry 10.

Check out upcoming dates and locations here, as well as more info on the tour –

Thank you for your support

I’m going to take this moment and thank all of the developers who are joining us on the tour and those who joined us at BlackBerry 10 Jam in May, as well as those who were not able to be with us but are already downloading the tools and building. The feedback we have had to date on the tools and the BlackBerry 10 apps that are already underway has been phenomenal. Please keep sending us your stories and letting us know what you’re creating.

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